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Online Surf Lesson

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Many people would like to learn to surf yet cannot find the time to get to the beach for many different reasons, so we at learn to surf can help you get started by offering you a simple easy to visualize set of lesson activities you can learn at home.

By providing you with some simple to do activities, you can begin to surf in your head through visualization. You can also use you lounge room floor to practice your surfboard stand up routine so you will be ready for that first day actually learning on the beach.

Not everyone can come to Noosa for a learn to surf holiday so we have designed an easy to read set of practice regimes, plus an overall look at the very first set surfing of principles.

For those of you thinking of coming up to Noosa this information will be a great benefit to you before you actually start your first surf lesson.

Finally we have had a great deal of feedback from our surf school participants wishing to learn more via the internet once they have finished their lesson courses.

And you are welcome to ask us for advice via email.

Three and Five Day Surfing Lesson courses are the quickest way to become competent enough to hire a board and try it your self.

Surf lessons are  great and you learn about ten times faster than doing it yourself.

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